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MOTHER AND CHILD WELFARE AND RESEARCH FOUNDATION INDIA is a NON-PROFIT secular organization, with RESIDENTIAL FACILITIES, Fully Equipped with the Pre school and School Session, providing Education and Training to all kinds of CHILDREN and ADULTS with Behavior Problems and Multiple Disabilities like Autism, Slow Learners, Aspergers, ADHD, Mental Retardation, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Hearing, Speech and Visual Impairment, etc.

Association for Mental Health and Retardation


MOTHER AND CHILD'S ASSOCIATION FOR MENTAL HEALTH AND RETARDATION (MAC-AMHR) a group was founded in 2004 by Dr. Abhhey Kripallani, in association with MOTHER AND CHILD WELFARE AND RESEARCH FOUNDATION INDIA, MIRACLES HOME AND RESEARCH TRUST, MINDS AND SOULS & ASTALAVISTA TECHNOLOGIES. Today, MAC-AMHR is an NGO that supports over 350 children, adolescents and adults. MAC-AMHR's aim is to educate, train and rehabilitate mentally challenged individuals and their families.

MOTHER AND CHILD WELFARE AND RESEARCH FOUNDATION INDIA, is a NON-PROFIT secular organization dedicated to socio-economic change in India, as in by fighting poverty, ignorance and apathy, offering free health care and specialized and technical education for those who need it, in the belief that EDUCATION is a critical requisite for socio-economic change, regardless of race, class, culture or religion.

MOTHER AND CHILD WELFARE AND RESEARCH FOUNDATION INDIA, is fully equipped with the Pre school and School session, Education and Training for all kinds of children with Behavior Problems, Children with Multiple Disabilities, like Mental Retardation, Autism, ADHD, Aspergers, Cerebral Palsy, Hearing Impairment, etc. and organizing Extra Curricular Activities, like Yoga, Dance, Music, Arts-N-Crafts, Computer Therapy, etc. for the same.

The team of specialists attending the Assessment and Counseling Unit of "MOTHER AND CHILD", consists of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Special Educators, Qualified Academic Teachers, Speech and Occupational Therapists, etc. Besides this the Child Specialists, Ortho-Dentists, ENT & Neuro-psychiatrist, regularly visit the institute. The Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) (Ministry of Social Empowerment and Justice) recognizes all our Special Educators.


MOTHER AND CHILD'S ASSOCIATION FOR MENTAL HEALTH AND RETARDATION (MAC-AMHR) is a result of the feedback we have been receiving for the last few years, parents of these children and adults had written to us and asked us on numerous occasions to form a 24Hr Online Mental Health Services, which could cater to the needs of parents and their siblings in various conditions and awkward situations, as well as to promote awareness among the masses and the underprivileged class.



Name of Student:


Date of Birth:


IQ Level/Class:




Languages Spoken:


Childhood History:


Immunization History:


Developmental Milestone:


General Behavior:


What keeps your child, calm and happy (please specify like gifts, chocolates, etc.):


Are there any particular times of the day when the problems / behavior is more likely to occur:


Does the problem occurs in the presence of particular person, if yes please provide details:


Was the child asked to do something or was the child refused something prior to the problem, if yes please specify:


How many times a day or how long does the problem occur with your child:


What do you or others generally do, immediately following the problem:


Which person in your house or outside the house are most affected by the problem:


How do you comfort your child at the time of the problem:


Please provide us with the medical history / disorders, etc. of the child:


Medication History (allopathic / homeopathic medicine in the past / current prescribed by a physician & name of physician/doctor):


Hobbies / Sports / Games / Likes and Dislikes, etc.:


Past time Behavior / Leisure Activities, etc.:


Problems in Speech / Physical Movements, etc.:


Nature, Name and Full Address of the School (Special / Integrated / Normal, Dates, Class till, etc.) :


School History & Date of Joining (if any) :


Attendance in School (details):


Interaction with People, Friends, Neighbors, Relatives at Social Gatherings, etc. (if any) :


Interaction with Strangers, etc. (if any) :


Major Emotional & Behavioral Problem:


Type of Family (joint/nuclear & number of persons):


What kind of Help/Support/Guidance are you looking for from us
(in brief, like want them to be independent, basic education via national open school, etc.):


Anything you would like to inform us about, (about his toilet training, does he get fits, about his fooding habits, other remarks etc):


Is your Child Toilet Trained?:

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Have you heard about Treatment with NUMEROLOGY ?:

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Interested to know how NUMEROLOGY can help your child ?:

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